Friday, April 2, 2010

A quiche is a quiche no matter what he wants to call it!

Ok, well... I have a few minutes to myself, so I thought I'd post something on here. I've been Facebooking again quite a bit, I've tried to stay away, but it's sooo hard! Bobby and I are both so addicted it's quite sad actually!

I wanted to share a recipe with you guys that I thought was really really good. Bobby liked it too, and that's really saying something! On the first bite he said, "Wow! I could have this again!" Amazing! What's so amazing about it is that it's a quiche! He has told me over and over since we've been married that he DOES NOT like quiches! "Quiches are girly!" he says... Whatever... so needless to say, I have not made one up until now. When I saw the recipe, I figured he might like it because it's chocked full of veggies... which he loves. He kept calling it "Dead baby chicken pie" what a terrible name! But it made him feel better I suppose. I tried to explain to him that these eggs were not baby chickens, but I guess that that terrible name was much better to him than thinking he was eating a quiche! Men!... It was really funny, every time during dinner that I would explain "this is a quiche" he kept saying... "Don't ruin it for me!" LOL! Ok, so here's the recipe. I got it out of Taste of Home Magazine.

Rainbow quiche

1 1/2 c. chopped fresh broccoli florets (I used more)

1 small onion, chopped

1 c. sliced fresh mushrooms (I used a small can instead and it was still good)

1 each small green, sweet red and orange peppers chopped (I found these at Publix in a little container over in the produce. These are not bell peppers!)

2 Tbsp butter (of course I used more!)

1 cup chopped fresh spinach (I just threw in 2 handfuls of unchopped spinach right out of the bag... it will cook down so I didn't see the need to chop it)

1 c. shredded Mexican cheese blend

6 eggs

1- 3/4 c milk (I used 2%)

1/2 tsp. salt

frozen pie crust 9 in. (I found that you should either buy the deep dish crust or just plan on having 2 quiches if you get the regular frozen pie shells.

In large skillet , saute broccoli, onion, mushrooms and peppers in butter until tender. Stir in spinach. Spoon into pie crust; sprinkle with cheese. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, milk and salt; pour over cheese. Bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes, or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean. Let stand 10 min. before cutting. (It took less time for my oven... so keep an eye on it!)

Yes, now I see the editors note at the bottom! Ha! Wish I had seen that before. It does say that it will fill 2 frozen deep-dish pie shells! Oh well... Mine were just regular and not deep dish... one did kind of have an accident in my oven and exploded over, but I think that's cause the pie shell was broken and obviously my oven is leaning to one side!

This is also really good cold the next day!


Jamie said...

Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing!

aynzan said...

I too dont always follow the exact measurements in a recipe and it comes out fine..

Mrs. Jennifer said...

We just had quiche, too! Except my husband asked for it by name! When it comes to food, he likes it. I don't think it would matter if it was called "for women only". He'd eat it.

~ Regan said...

oh that sounds so yummy!! My hubs doesn't do quiche either- he's under the assupmtion that ALL quiche has spinach in it... Where do they come up with this stuff? lol

Jessica Warrick said...

This sounds like adn amazing recipe. ill have to write it down and try it out with the family. I just wanted to say im your newest follower form Mommy blogger Directory come chekc me out at

Lizze said...

Hi! My name is Lizze and I used to write Cheerio Confessions. I've since moved my blog to WordPress and renamed it Daily Mommy Survival. I know you used to follow my old blog and I hope that you will follow my new blog as well. You can follow along through via FaceBook.

Cindy said...

That really sounds good.

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hope you're having a beautiful day.


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