Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guess what!!!

I'm so excited! I got a custom order request on my Etsy shop!!! I just couldn't believe it. Someone wants me to make a Hawaiian couple, boy and girl dolls, like the Hawaiian doll I have listed on my shop! They are going to take them to a cake designer and have a cake designed around them. How exciting is that! There will be a cake somewhere out there in this world that is going to be designed around my dolls. I was just so excited, I had to share this with you guys!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog award!

I'm so excited! Linda from oh so pretty... gave me this blog award. Thank you so much Linda! She also gave me a free little commercial for my Etsy shop on her blog that I appreciated sooo much!
I am supposed to give out this award to 15 of my favorite recently discovered blogs... Problem is I haven't discovered that many new blogs!

I would have to say that my most recently discovered favorite blog would be Jill's blog at It doesn't get more real than this... Be sure to check out her blog... she is so funny!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tannehill Trade Days

On Sunday we met up with Jennifer and Jason from Happy little things. I discovered her blog by doing a local area blog search, and I am so glad I did! I enjoyed getting to meet them, (they only live about 15 minutes away!) How awesome is that! Tannehill state park was having their monthly trade days, and we decided that would be a great place for us to meet up. We walked through most of the vendors, but really didn't look at much... Bless Jennifer's heart, I think I probably talked her ears off, she didn't really get to look at anything because of me just chatting away! I was just so excited! I think it's really great to be able to read about someone and their family, look at their family photos, talk through emails and then finally get to meet them. I felt like I already knew her.

After we walked around for a while, we rode the train to the other side of the park where the playground is. Tad's never been on a playground, so he was sooo excited!

Look how happy he is going down this big slide!!!

Isn't Ella such a beautiful little girl!

We found out later that Ella was sick that day with croup! Bless her heart, we just thought she was warm because it was so hot outside. We didn't realize she had a fever! I hope she is doing better now!

I was planning on putting up more of the pictures, but some of them needed to be edited and I just don't have the time right now... I still have one little girl over at my house and I haven't been able to spend as much time on the computer...

Jennifer and Jason... we had so much fun! I hope we will be able to get together again soon!

Sleep over

I am having a slumber party... well sort of, I guess you could say Lexie is. We have over 3 girls. One is 16 and the other two are 12. They are older than Lexie but it's working out pretty well so far. They came over last night and are spending the night again tonight. One of the girls is staying until Saturday! This is something I am definitely not used to! Having a house full of this many people is certainly interesting. I was actually brave enough to pile everyone in the van today and go to Walmart! That was six of us! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually it was kind of nice to have everyone help bring the groceries in! I could get used to this! I do regret spending the whole day cleaning the house in preparation for them, because it was totally in vain! It is a wreck now... I doubt they even noticed that it was cleaned up in the first place... They have been playing with my clay... Ohhhh how hard it has been for me... you have no idea! They are using way way too much and blending all of my colors together... I'm trying so hard to not freak out! I've been telling them to make small things, but they aren't really listening... Bri, one of the girls has been very careful to use only small amounts but, Lexie and the other little girl, not so much! I'm trying so hard to be cool about it. And oh my goodness they do not want to get quiet! It's 12:15 and Tad won't go to sleep... hmmm I wonder why... Anyway, I just want to be the nice mom and for everyone to like me. I hate to have to yell at them. Last night they didn't go to sleep until after 3 am. I had to move them to the living room because I was scared they were going to wake Tad up... Lexie's room is right beside his. I am enjoying having them here though... it's really nice to have a house full of kids! I just wish they would go to sleep!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lexie and I were in my bedroom folding clothes and she says "Mom, look at all these bees!" I didn't think there would really be that many, but sure enough... there were hundreds. They looked like bumble bees, but wouldn't get still enough for me to get a good look at them. I did notice they had a sort of shiny green hue to them. My first thought was, Oh my goodness it's killer bees!!! I remember when I was a kid being terrified that killer bees were gonna come get me in my yard. So yeah, I kinda started to panic. What if they get in... I'm telling you there were hundreds. I talked to Bobby on the phone and asked... should I call someone? what should I do? I even told him he needed to come home. He said, "Baby, it's probably just June bugs." No, No I argued it's big bees! Well, sure enough... they were June bugs. One of the little buggers got still enough finally for me to get a good look. Definitely not a bee. Lexie now wants to go play with them! I'm not gonna let her because I'm still not sure, better to be safe than sorry! I tried to video tape them but they're not showing up good on video and I am certainly not going out there with them to take a picture.

Weekend meltdown

Our computer got all messed up this weekend... totally, horribly and completely messed up. Yes, I pretty much had a total meltdown. It first started out where we couldn't use our phone... we have a Magic Jack, and then it started not letting me online. I was totally freaking out! Bobby worked on it for two days straight, and it just kept getting worse. It is now at the point where we might have to completely crash it and I am probably going to lose all of my pictures. I can't even burn them to cd now because it's not even recognizing that we have any disk drives on there! I have now learned my lesson to always back up my pictures as soon as I put them on the computer! All , of the pictures I've taken this past year, Tad's first birthday, all of the ones I've been working on for my Etsy shop, hundreds of pictures... good pictures too, some of my favorite baby pictures.... yeah, I've been crying about it for days. He's still working on it so that I won't lose them, but now the computer won't even stay on. We went and bought a laptop Sunday, so at least I have a computer now, but I wish I could save those pictures. It's pretty neat having a computer I can take around the house with me... I'm actually sitting in the kitchen right now! How cool is that! I love it... I've always wanted a lap top. Anyway, i'll let you know if the pictures get saved or not... keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy neighbor!

So my neighbor is driving me nuts! Let me start out by telling you that he is a very nice guy, but he drinks a lot. (I've seen him with a beer in his hand at 7am... actually he always has one in his hand) and that probably contributes to his craziness. There are many things I could tell you about him, but to keep this moderately short I will just give you just a few examples. First of all he is extremely paranoid and has security cameras on the outside of his house... actually they look like they are pointed at my house, which makes ME paranoid when my curtains are open. He used to have a gazillion work lights outside that he turned on at night... very bright, very very bright lights. They were so bright, they lit up my bedroom and made it difficult for me to sleep. Luckily he changed them over to motion lights that flip off after a while. The most frustrating thing though is that he goes outside at night, usually between midnight and 3am, and blares his music, screams at the neighborhood dogs and shouts Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo! Like he's having a party, but he's usually by himself. This has been going on for as long as I've lived here, but now his Woo Hoo's have started to change... They are now owl sounds (hoo hoo) he actually does a pretty good job, I thought it was a real owl at first! Last night though... for probably a good hour or longer he was doing fire engine noises... I kid you not! Fire engine sounds... what the heck is he doing, is he trying to drive all of the neighbors crazy? What's so funny is that he gets so mad when the neighborhood dogs bark, he screams and yells at them "Shut up you stupid dogs!" and he's the loudest freakin' one of them all! He's spraypainted in the street... Slow down a** holes, twice! The police came out and made him paint over it. I guess you could say watching what goes on over there is good entertainment for me, just not when he's not keeping me awake! There is always something going on. Believe me I could go on, but I said I was going to keep this short... I've got housework to do anyway...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A poopy morning

Have you ever had one of those mornings... you wake up grumpy, for who know's what reason. Then things just keep getting worse... I slept in late this morning, Bobby got up with Tad... thank goodness, but I could hear them, which for some reason just ticked me off. It kept waking me up... I guess. Then the dog kept whining... constantly whining... I was laying there thinking surely Bobby would check on him... it went on and on driving me nuts. Bobby finally comes in there and tells me I need to get up and watch Tad... he needed to go to Lowes... the doorknob broke going into my craft/computer room... Grrrrrrrrrr. "Is it really broke?" "Yes, I had to take it off" ..."How are you keeping Tad out?" "I put a screw in the door frame" "How am I going to get in there?!!!" "Oh, just use the drill... it's sittin' on the counter" Great... just great.. Yeah, the dog pooped in the floor! Clean up... go to feed Tad... there's something brown smeared across his face... Surely it's chocolate, please be chocolate... (sniff test) Nope, not chocolate! (The dog and baby are in totally different rooms, don't worry... this wasn't the dogs poop) I look at his diaper and yes it's poopy, and of course it's on his legs and back.. To the shower we go... (Bobby had obviously neglected to change it, because it was stuck all over his butt! Ok, I'm really ticked now! Shower's over and I think, I better clorox some of the stuff he might have touched, but I keep smelling poo! I can't find the sourse... Now last night we had a poopy accident as well. He managed to take off his diaper, (I did see this but thought it would be ok for a little while...he has a small diaper rash and I thought the air would do him some good...) Yeah well, bad idea... he pooped on my throw pillows. Two of them. I searched around for more poop but never found it. So this morning... still smelling the poo, and having two incidents, I know there is more poo floating around the den somewhere... I did manage to find some in his toy corner... yep, and on some of the toys... lovely, just lovely! Bobby's gone, I'm cleaning up poop, and I am not very happy! I finally got finished and unscrewed the screw to come in here, but there is no doorknob and I am having to fight Tad through the round hole in the door to keep him from getting in here with me... This room is most certainly not baby proofed! I'm just not a happy person right now, thanks for listening to me rant... I wonder what else is going to happen today.... I am sure there is more poo lurking behind something...

Friday, July 3, 2009

My first dumpster diving experience

Yeah, I went dumpster diving. Don't worry, we took rubber gloves, hand sanitizer and a pole to push things around with. Oh, and of course some pepper spray! You never know who you might meet behind a dumpster!!! Anyway, I went with my best friend Cristi and her sister Julia. It was certainly an adventure. We set out with the camera and a video camera so we could document our very first dumpster diving experience, but I of course forgot the memory card, and it was too dark to make a good video. We hit up all of the strip malls around Hueytown, Lowes and two apartment complexes.

Our findings:

About 1,000 egg shells
A busted up hula hoop
Someone's old boxer shorts... yuck!
A vacuum cleaner (we decided to leave it, it probably didn't work)
empty boxes
Very stinky garbage!!!

Ok, so you can see... we didn't do too well for our first dumpster dive. We were all very disappointed and tired and didn't get back to my house 'till close to midnight.

Maybe we'll do better next time... that is IF there is a next time. Maybe we''ll go check out some of the better neighborhoods. Maybe rich people have better trash :)