Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cleaning out my closet

Cleaning out my closet... oh my how I loved that song! Bobby burst out singing it earlier and I haven't been able to get it out of my head! Haha... If you're not an Eminem fan... just disregard that. You either love him or you hate him... Anyway... So yeah, that's what we did today. Well... we're still in the process of it actually! I have the hugest mess you can possibly imagine! I don't even know where we are going to sleep because the bed is so full! I told him I would love some extra shelves in there, because I have sooo many purses and no where to put them. Among other things like belts, hats and keepsakes, that you know... where do you put them?... you just stick them in the closet! So even though we don't have the money to go buy the wood to build shelves, he did it anyway. He told me it would only be about $12 or so, so I told him, "why not... go ahead." I think he might have spent a little more because there is a lot of wood sitting in my living room right now! Luckily I found $33 dollars in a purse that I cleaned out. So, whew! that will cover it! I am such a pack rat! A very sentimental pack rat! I save receipts from certain memorable times in my life. I save all sorts of memorabilia. It made me kind of sad though. I thought that when he was busy building the shelves, I would clean out purses. I found the purse that I had when Bobby and I got married. It had two champagne corks and the piece of candy that they left on our pillow at the bed and breakfast we stayed in on our honeymoon. Yeah, I know, gross... old chocolate candy! But I couldn't just throw it away!!! I found this one pink Louis Vuitton purse (that I borrowed from my friend Cristi... and never gave back :) that I had been carrying in '04. It had a note my mother had written me, right after my grandmother passed away, the lawyers business card that my ex husband and I used for our divorce, an obgyn appointment paper that I had when I was having such trouble and found out I had endometriosis, a silly little instruction booklet that I had to a toy I bought, and had taken to the bar where I worked... It was this little pet like thing that was in a water bubble... you would press the buttons to pet him or feed him, and he would jump around, dance and make such cute noises! I remember taking him to work with me 'cause I would get so lonely! Lol! I also found a key chain that had my ex husbands initials engraved on it. He gave that to me when we were dating and I had carried it for many years! I had totally forgotten about it. Man! that one purse was full of SO many memories! I just sat in the floor and cried! That purse had been carried at a really bad time in my life. I just put all of the stuff back in it and decided maybe I won't clean out any more purses tonight! Dinner's almost ready anyway. Irish Beef Stew, a late celebration of St. Patricks Day.

I just went in the bedroom to check on Bobby, and he has taken everything out of the closet! EVERYTHING! Even down to the rods that the clothes were hanging on. It is all sitting on my bed! He's sawing sheetrock....Oh lord... so he can find a stud! Have mercy on us all! I have a feeling I'm going to be up all night!


aynzan said...

Thats what we get by cleaning purses,a mixture of memories.
Interesting post!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

LOL!! That is SO how things would be with my husband!
"Honey can you hang this picture?"
20 minutes later, I hear saws and hammers and I have an extra room or something!

ashville said...

What a revealing time, cleaning out the closet. Out dated clothes (not that I would know), shoes that the inner soles are trying to climb out of, purses always empty (maybe some change), clothes that I haven't a clue where they came from and boxes of old love letters.
Closet cleaning can lead to lots of old memories. What better place to keep those things remembered.
How is your closet shelves coming?
love jan

Cindy said...

Oh just wait until it's all done.

I keep things like that too. I have a box with a latch on it. I've got 7th and 8th grade notes that I use to get from my friend Donna. I read them once in a while and think boy was she stupid... ha ha. Okay boy were we stupid. I have things my nephews gave me, my parents... just a lot of stuff I want to keep. It's nice to take it all out and look at it once in awhile. Good memories even if they make us cry.

Enjoy your new closet!!!

~Crystal~ said...

I really enjoyed this post. I am the same way. I can get a sentimental attachment to just about anything. I have 2 trunks full of stuff.