Friday, July 3, 2009

My first dumpster diving experience

Yeah, I went dumpster diving. Don't worry, we took rubber gloves, hand sanitizer and a pole to push things around with. Oh, and of course some pepper spray! You never know who you might meet behind a dumpster!!! Anyway, I went with my best friend Cristi and her sister Julia. It was certainly an adventure. We set out with the camera and a video camera so we could document our very first dumpster diving experience, but I of course forgot the memory card, and it was too dark to make a good video. We hit up all of the strip malls around Hueytown, Lowes and two apartment complexes.

Our findings:

About 1,000 egg shells
A busted up hula hoop
Someone's old boxer shorts... yuck!
A vacuum cleaner (we decided to leave it, it probably didn't work)
empty boxes
Very stinky garbage!!!

Ok, so you can see... we didn't do too well for our first dumpster dive. We were all very disappointed and tired and didn't get back to my house 'till close to midnight.

Maybe we'll do better next time... that is IF there is a next time. Maybe we''ll go check out some of the better neighborhoods. Maybe rich people have better trash :)


Mama Hen said...

Does Mountain Brook even have dumpsters?

Cindy said...

Dumpster diving? I've never heard of that before. Well, I guess it could be interesting especially if you find something good. Glad to hear you wear gloves and use sanitizer.

Maybe next time you'll have better luck and find something great.

I visited your Etsy shop and it looks great. I'm sure it will be a success.

Ruthie said...

Wow you girls are brave!

Janell said...

Ive never gone dumpster diving but ive noticed at apparments people throw away good stuff because they cant have a grage sale and are to lazy to take it to the good will. Good luck next time :)