Saturday, July 4, 2009

A poopy morning

Have you ever had one of those mornings... you wake up grumpy, for who know's what reason. Then things just keep getting worse... I slept in late this morning, Bobby got up with Tad... thank goodness, but I could hear them, which for some reason just ticked me off. It kept waking me up... I guess. Then the dog kept whining... constantly whining... I was laying there thinking surely Bobby would check on him... it went on and on driving me nuts. Bobby finally comes in there and tells me I need to get up and watch Tad... he needed to go to Lowes... the doorknob broke going into my craft/computer room... Grrrrrrrrrr. "Is it really broke?" "Yes, I had to take it off" ..."How are you keeping Tad out?" "I put a screw in the door frame" "How am I going to get in there?!!!" "Oh, just use the drill... it's sittin' on the counter" Great... just great.. Yeah, the dog pooped in the floor! Clean up... go to feed Tad... there's something brown smeared across his face... Surely it's chocolate, please be chocolate... (sniff test) Nope, not chocolate! (The dog and baby are in totally different rooms, don't worry... this wasn't the dogs poop) I look at his diaper and yes it's poopy, and of course it's on his legs and back.. To the shower we go... (Bobby had obviously neglected to change it, because it was stuck all over his butt! Ok, I'm really ticked now! Shower's over and I think, I better clorox some of the stuff he might have touched, but I keep smelling poo! I can't find the sourse... Now last night we had a poopy accident as well. He managed to take off his diaper, (I did see this but thought it would be ok for a little while...he has a small diaper rash and I thought the air would do him some good...) Yeah well, bad idea... he pooped on my throw pillows. Two of them. I searched around for more poop but never found it. So this morning... still smelling the poo, and having two incidents, I know there is more poo floating around the den somewhere... I did manage to find some in his toy corner... yep, and on some of the toys... lovely, just lovely! Bobby's gone, I'm cleaning up poop, and I am not very happy! I finally got finished and unscrewed the screw to come in here, but there is no doorknob and I am having to fight Tad through the round hole in the door to keep him from getting in here with me... This room is most certainly not baby proofed! I'm just not a happy person right now, thanks for listening to me rant... I wonder what else is going to happen today.... I am sure there is more poo lurking behind something...


Cindy said...

Yikes!! I hope your evening is going better than your morning.
Tomorrow will be better.

Have a safe and happy 4th.


Jennifer and Jason Slye said...

We had a couple of days last week when I felt like the whole house was going to fall down around us. Like, "OH LORD, what next?" Someone ran over one of the heads on our sprinkler system and busted it, so water was flowing everywhere for who knows how long!! The sprinklers run at 5 in the morning so we never saw it, until I noticed the grass dying in one spot! Then, we came home from work and Jason had left the hose pipe turned on from when he washed the car last week, which would have been fine because it has a nozzle you can close, but the heat caused the hose to burst and it had been spraying all day! The A/C pump broke and the basement was flooded - GREAT!! Then the weedeater broke! There was more but those were some of the big ones. Seemed like all of ours had to do with water - not POO - THANK GOODNESS!