Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sock Bunnies

Well, Lexie and I finally got to make our sock bunnies. I found the tutorial here on a Listmaker's Life, she has such cute things...Lexie's bunny is not in the picture because she carried it off to her room and now it is missing. She did hers with a pink bow. Here are the very very ugly baby rattles she and I made today out of water bottles. We put sequins, beads, beans, glitter and rhinestones in them. Glued the lids on REALLY well and glued the bows on. I tried to spruce up the picture by putting some cute little scarfs around them because they are just so darn ugly! Tad loves them though!
Please ignore the messy room and ugly baby gate in the background. I had to put that ugly board there because he was climbing OVER it!
Yes that's food on his face... as usual...
Finally got my craft room straightened up last night around 1:00 am, then did some polymer clay pin heads 'till about 2:00. I still have to paint them though. Lexie and I also made some charms today for her charm bracelet. They turned out really cute. I guess now I need to go catch up on some housework, tomorrow is our shopping day!!! I can't wait to buy some more crafty stuff!

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Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I LOVE your sock bunny! The sock you used is adorable. It turned out much better than mine I'd say!