Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good weekend

Well, we have had a pretty productive weekend... I've been trying to keep my mind off of the possible impending doom, all of the horrible things that could happen if he doesn't find work soon. And I mean soon! Ok... so he got a window for the van finally. Yes, we shouldn't have spent the money right now, but he found one for $19, so we couldn't really pass that up! It's been busted out for as long as I can remember now, and I've been riding around with plastic and duct tape for way too long! Getting a window was going to be $500, so we had been putting it off. Thank God we found one for so cheap. I can't tell you how good I will feel driving up to her school tomorrow with a real window instead of the duct tape flapping all around, sitting there in the carpool line. I've been pretty embarrassed about it lately. It was fine over the summer... I didn't mind so much, but actually having to go to the school like that, was just too much, especially when the tape wasn't sticking and it was flapping all around and I was terrified it was going to fly off on the interstate and cause someone to wreck. Yeah, it was kind of nervewracking! Plus I was embarrassed for Lexie to have to drive up to school like that. I know when I was a kid, that would have just killed me. I remember my Mom's car used to backfire all of the time, and it was so embarrassing when it would happen right there in line and everyone would hear it! I would stand there and cringe when she would pull up, hoping that it wouldn't go off! Gosh, I always hated that, and I don't want Lexie to feel the same way about my car... So, yeah, got that done... and we've been working on getting the patio finally finished that we started months ago! That took us all day, but thank goodness the weather was nice. I actually enjoyed being outside for a change! We grilled turkey burgers, I made Asian slaw, and it's just been a really good night! Of course I'm dreading the upcoming week, but thankfully I was able to keep my mind off of all the yucky stuff today. So, as Scarlett O'hara would say... "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow. "


Cindy said...

It's good to get things done that you've put off. So congratulations on that.

Good luck to Bobby on finding a job tomorrow. I'm sure being with the union he's got a better chance than those who are not. So, don't worry. I know, easier said than done right? I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Take care,

cewmont said...

In the middle of all your worries, you stop and think about if you are going to embarrass your child.

Prayers for your husband on finding a job very soon!