Monday, August 10, 2009

The Yard Sale

Well... Our yard sale didn't go as well as we had hoped. Friday morning, the little guy that works for the city brought 3 of my signs back, telling me there is a city ordinance against putting signs on poles. Boy, I was ticked! They apparently have to be staked in the ground... I didn't know. I've always done it before and never had a problem. So, I'm guessing we didn't get much traffic because there was only one sign left (the one I had staked in the ground) We didn't even break a hundred dollars that first day! Mom and I have always done really well on our yard sales and always make way more than a hundred on our first day, so we were pretty bummed... Saturday, went better, I suppose... but the traffic started dieing off and then out of nowhere came a storm. Not just sprinkles, these were huge gigantic rain drops! Just right out of the blue! We had no idea it was supposed to rain! All of our stuff was getting drenched. We were running around, totally soaked trying to save the books and things that would get ruined. Luckily two of my neighbors brought over tarps and helped us cover the stuff. My house is still muddy (I should be mopping right now, actually the broom is laying across my lap, as I sit here and blog...) and we had to throw away quite a bit of stuff. So yeah, that was our last yard sale. We are now retiring from yard sales... never, ever again! It's just not worth it! (we say this EVERY year, and we have been having yard sales probably every year since the late '90's) We ended up taking two truck loads to the thrift store... and part of me says Man, I could have held on to that stuff and had another one next year! What is wrong with me?!!!

I must go clean the floors now... I've got a lot to get done. Lexie's open house at school is tonight, so i've got to get the house clean, wash my hair, figure out what to wear, make sure she washes her hair, pick out her clothes, etc... you get the idea... I've got to get off the computer!


Cindy said...

Hi Courtney, sorry the garage sale didn't go so well. I was hoping it would be a huge success for you and your Mom. Have a great time at Lexie's open house. I hope it goes well.


Jill said...

Well, that's a bummer. I've only had one yard sale ever and it was a total bust. I said never again and kept that promise!

aynzan said...

It's a pity the yard sale didnt go offf well!.I always loved the idea of a yard sale but never have had the opportunity..