Saturday, August 29, 2009

My exciting morning

I am sitting here eating some Easy Cheese on tortilla chips resting from my busy morning... Yeah, I know, so healthy... Anyway I borrowed Bobby's truck today, he took the van to work, so I could help my parents move some furniture. Ok, Bobby's truck is just plain scary. I've never driven it before because I haven't wanted to. I've heard the horror stories he has told me about it, like sometimes it won't go into reverse or it will get stuck in reverse and you can't get it to go forward. You have to crawl under there and mess with the shift linkage... or something like that, which he has never informed me how to do. The muffler fell off yesterday, so yeah... I was really dreading driving it today! The carseat went with the van so mom had to come pick up Tad. We drive up to her house, thankfully the truck worked just fine, and as I step out and onto the carport, my dad comes running out of the house yelling "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" He throws something on the ground in front of me, then runs back into the house. What in the world I think... I look down and realize it's a blackened cover to the electrical box. I look in the house, smoke is everywhere and you can smell that horrible electrical fire smell! Mom comes up the driveway, Tad in her arms asking, what's wrong? I calmly tell her that I believe the electrical box has caught on fire and her house might be on fire as well. She handled it really well... I was proud of her. Fortunately the fire didn't really spread, Daddy caught it in time but her laundry room shelf got burned and the electrical box is just totally destroyed. Who knows how long they will have to be without power. The fire department came, so Tad got to enjoy seeing the big truck, and I got to enjoy looking at some firemen... :) We had to stay outside forever! I wasn't about to take Tad in the house with all the fumes. I kept trying to leave but Daddy wouldn't let me... He still wanted to move the furniture!!! We made two trips in the scary truck... it did fine except for not wanting to start once. As soon as we got there it started raining. Luckily we were under the carport and didn't get wet. Now, I'm just chilling out here waiting to go pick up Lexie from her Dad... wondering what Mom and Dad are going to do. I offered for them to come stay here, but Mom said they would be fine. They have a generator to keep the refrigerator running, so that's good, but it's going to be rough for them the next few days. The fire department said it looked like some very extensive damage. It even blew the transformer up on the pole outside! They are pretty stressed out and upset so please keep them in your prayers!


Cindy said...

Wow! What a morning. I'm glad everyone was okay and that there wasn't more damage. It's a good thing your Dad was home when it started. Enjoy your rest and have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I talked with Susan and she was much calmer than I was. She is totally in control of her mind and actions. Big sister should learn from little sister. I tried to get them to come up here but they wouldn't and with those little orphaned kittens to feed they are pretty much stuck in a house with no electricity.I can't figure out a way to help, so I guess God will just have to take care of it all.

White Oak Attic Dot Com said...

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