Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a blog post...

Ok, so I'm still working on the pea pod necklaces... Taking pictures is gruelsome! I feel like I have been doing it all day, and I still can't seem to get it right. I went ahead and listed the little pink and blue one. I know none of you voted on that one, but it was my favorite... so... I did it anyway. Everyone seemed to like the silver one, but that is one of the ones I'm having the hardest time getting the color right in the pictures! I want the pics to be as accurate as possible to match the product. Very frusterating. I need to hire a professional, just don't have the money. Oh Cindy, why don't you live here in Alabama!!! Anyway, hopefully I'll get them up soon.
Our weekend has been pretty normal I suppose... Eddie is getting fleas again and so is Moo! My goodness, I spend $40 dollars a month on flea medicine for these animals and it just doesn't work! It usually works well on Eddie, lasts a month like it's supposed to, but the cat Moo... It usually only lasts a week or so! I don't understand it! I've never had a cat so prone to getting fleas! He never goes outside, we bathe him and have put Advantage and Frontline on him and they never last more than 2 weeks. This last time it only worked for a week and the vet says we can't retreat him until the month is up!!! What am I supposed to do? I've been spraying the house, but I don't feel comfortable putting off a bomb because of Tad. He's still going around putting everything in his mouth, so I just can't do that. It's not like we are getting over run with fleas, it's poor Moo that's getting all of them!! Poor kitty... what should I do?

Tad broke my glasses this week... yeah that really stunk. He broke them a few weeks ago, but I managed to super glue them back together. This time, no such luck... They are really, really broke. So, I am wearing them with one of the arms (or whatever you call them) off... They sit really crooked on my face and make me terribly dizzy. I have been forced to wear my contacts, and that drives me nuts after about 6 hrs, but it's better than being dizzy I suppose. Luckily my insurance covers a new pair of glasses every year, so I went yesterday and picked out a new pair. Boy, that was hard to do! I just hate picking out new glasses... It would be better if I could afford several, so I could pick and choose which pair to wear, but no... I can only pick out one pair and have to stand there looking in the mirror trying to imagine me wearing these frames with every color and every hairstyle... make up or no make up. It was not an easy task! The girl that worked there helped me out a lot and I basically went on what she said looked the best. Hopefully I made the right decision! I'm so nervous about it... I know that's silly, but I really do wear my glasses a lot and if they look bad... I'm stuck with them!

If you didn't vote on one of the pea pods... please do! I really want your opinions!!!
Also I did start a Facebook fan page for Our Fanciful Creations! Yea me!!! I somehow doubt it will bring in any buisness because I don't have that many facebook friends. If you are already a member... I have 19 already! and you feel like helping me out :) send out a few invites for me... You don't have to... but I sure would appreciate it!


Blue Creek Home said...

Hi Courtney,
I love the little pea pod necklace. I think I have to vote on the black with the lime green peas (4th from bottom) but I do also love the silver w/pearls.
Good luck with choosing your glasses. As pretty as you are, whatever you pick will be right!

Cindy said...

Hi Courtney,

Sorry to hear about Moo and the fleas. I'm sure you'll get them under control. Charlie and Annie have been without flea prevention for almost a year now. So far so good. I loved all the pea pods but I did like the silver one and the gold vine looking one. I also liked the dark green one 4th from the top and the 2nd one from the bottom. Again they are all pretty.

Oh, if I lived in Alabama I'd most definitely take the photos for you. It would be my pleasure.

You're doing a great job on your Etsy shop. I'm still thinking on whether I should do one with my photography. Decisions decisions.

Maybe you should make a DIY macro studio to shoot your merchandise in. I bet it would help and they're easy to make. Check out or google it. Have a great Tuesday and good luck.

Jill said...

I hope you get some relief from the fleas! Your animals are so cute!

kellyanne1986 said...
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