Friday, May 29, 2009

Big ugly metal cabinet part 2 (I hate contact paper)

I bought the contact paper to line my shelves with last night and covered them. I must say that I absolutely hate contact paper! I had the hardest time cutting it straight to fit the shelves and then covering them was worse. I kept getting it crooked and it was sticking to itself. It doesn't look very beautiful like I had imagined. And to make it worse I got up this morning and started painting. I think it's going to take about a gazillion coats! Mom called and wanted me to come over, her neighbor is having a yard sale, so that was a good excuse for me to quit. I think this project is going to be more than I thought!


~Crystal~ said...

Contact paper is just awful.
Did you decide to do the chalkboard paint?

Tracy B at FeedSack Cooking said...

just an idea..... have you thought about buying spray adhesive and then line your shelfs and cover the cabinet with fabric. you could still leave one door and paint it with the chalk board paint. Burlap would look very nice on the inside.

Anonymous said...

O yes, beautiful and wonderful contact paper, I remember many years ago, I decided to do a wall-yea, a wall in my kitchen. I ended up with contact paper on everything in the kitchen, and myself and lost quite a bit of hair in the process- once it grabs hold, it will not let go. Still, all these years later,when I feel the real need of a challenge I go and buy a roll of contact paper--memories.

Cindy said...

I'm sure when you're all done it will be beautiful. All that hard work will pay off.

The spray adhesive idea sounds good.

Good luck and be sure to post a photo when you're done.