Saturday, May 16, 2009

More little creations

Here's my new little fairy house. Bobby asked me if that little house was the outbuilding or shed... I told him that it's the servants quarters... Hehehe, little fairy servants. Can you imagine that! Why would fairies need servants. They have magical powers. Ok, anyway, I hope you can see the two little birds, they're so tiny. Lexie didn't even notice them until I pointed them out!

These are little hair snails... why snails? ...not really sure, but I thought they were cute.
This one has little rhinestones in his shell and on his antennae or eyes... whatever those things are. Mom thought they were eyes. Maybe so. I don't know very much about snails.

I plan on spending most of the day today working on some more stuff. It's rainy and yucky outside. So, yea! I have a great excuse to stay indoors and play!


Cindy said...

Everything is so cute. I especially like the last snail photo. I saw the two little birds. One is red and the other is blue.

Have fun!


Jim said...

Hey cuz . . . I need to put your energy to work around my place-There is all kinds of painting and other fun activities to be done at my house!

Happy to see you enjoy yourself. However, I am tired of the rain. I need to cut grass and start working outdoors. Staying indoors is about to kill me.

We still need to get together and let Lexie and E play in the backyard. We could probably rustle up some vittles for you guys.