Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Poo... Yeah, I did it...

Ok, so I have decided to actually post on my blog instead of spending all of my time on Facebook! Wow! Ok... so moving along...

I decided to go no poo, yep... I'm sure most of you know what that is because it seems like it's huge in blog land! For those of you who don't, it means that I have given up my shampoo and conditioner. I did this about a month ago and I have to say, so far I'm pretty happy with it! No I'm still cleaning my head! I just wash with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar. Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but I've gotta tell you, it's working and the feeling I have after washing with the BS (Baking Soda) it feels so good when I rinse! I get a squeaky clean feeling. Once I do my ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse, then wash it out, I'm good to go! I've gotta say that my natural curls are WAY more curly and more defined! That's something totally awesome for me, since I have searched and searched for hair products that could make my frizzy, naturally wavy hair do that, to no avail... So here's what I do:

1 TBSP baking soda (a bit more if feeling dirty or oily)

1 C. Water

I just mix them together in a measuring cup that I keep in the shower. ( I will eventually get a better method but this is working for me now) Pour it on my head and scrub. It does NOT lather, (but come on, we have all been brainwashed that things need to be bubbly in order to get clean, SO NOT TRUE) Rinse...

After that, I pour some ACV in my measuring cup (after rinsing it out 'cause it will bubble due to the baking soda!) I use about 1/8 C. and add 1 C. water.  I put it everywhere except my roots...  sometimes I just let it pour back from my head into the cup and soak my ends for a few seconds... I then let it sit, so you know... shave legs, arm pits, wash... whatever, I just let it soak for a while then rinse.

I've felt like it's sort of a hair detox in a way, so I feel guilty using any hair products afterwards. Crazy for me, cause I love my products! I just let it go and dry natural. I did learn that using a Tee shirt instead of a towel is the absolute best for curly hair! Just scrunch with that and let it go natural. Not using products after was the worst for me! SO HARD! but it's healthier right!, so..... I have been a fuzz poof for a while, 'till I discovered an all natural Flax Seed hair gel that I made myself! Gotta say that is the very best hair gel I have ever used! That can be another post though....

Gotta go, got a frittata in the oven... So maybe I'm back, who knows, we'll see...But I've gotta say, it feels so good to post again!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not much of a post...

Yeah, it's been a while huh? Guess you could say I've just not been inspired, or I did actually have had plenty to say, but most of it wouldn't have been positive. We moved and I had planned on even starting a whole series on all of the repairs we've been doing or will do on this house... oh well... maybe soon. Bobby's been layed off multiple times, and stayed unemployed for quite a stretch of time. I had another miscarriage in early November. Guess it's not really been the greatest year. (Actually, I believe it's almost been a year since my last blog post!)

I was sitting here the other night showing a friend this blog. I was reading through all of my old posts and just laughed and laughed. I'm so glad that I did this blog, because it was so nice to go back and relive those memories! I'm hoping I'll feel inspired now to keep it up again. Who knows....

Thought I'd leave you with a few silly pictures that were taken this summer...

Not much of a blog post, but it's a start, right?...

Friday, April 2, 2010

A quiche is a quiche no matter what he wants to call it!

Ok, well... I have a few minutes to myself, so I thought I'd post something on here. I've been Facebooking again quite a bit, I've tried to stay away, but it's sooo hard! Bobby and I are both so addicted it's quite sad actually!

I wanted to share a recipe with you guys that I thought was really really good. Bobby liked it too, and that's really saying something! On the first bite he said, "Wow! I could have this again!" Amazing! What's so amazing about it is that it's a quiche! He has told me over and over since we've been married that he DOES NOT like quiches! "Quiches are girly!" he says... Whatever... so needless to say, I have not made one up until now. When I saw the recipe, I figured he might like it because it's chocked full of veggies... which he loves. He kept calling it "Dead baby chicken pie" what a terrible name! But it made him feel better I suppose. I tried to explain to him that these eggs were not baby chickens, but I guess that that terrible name was much better to him than thinking he was eating a quiche! Men!... It was really funny, every time during dinner that I would explain "this is a quiche" he kept saying... "Don't ruin it for me!" LOL! Ok, so here's the recipe. I got it out of Taste of Home Magazine.

Rainbow quiche

1 1/2 c. chopped fresh broccoli florets (I used more)

1 small onion, chopped

1 c. sliced fresh mushrooms (I used a small can instead and it was still good)

1 each small green, sweet red and orange peppers chopped (I found these at Publix in a little container over in the produce. These are not bell peppers!)

2 Tbsp butter (of course I used more!)

1 cup chopped fresh spinach (I just threw in 2 handfuls of unchopped spinach right out of the bag... it will cook down so I didn't see the need to chop it)

1 c. shredded Mexican cheese blend

6 eggs

1- 3/4 c milk (I used 2%)

1/2 tsp. salt

frozen pie crust 9 in. (I found that you should either buy the deep dish crust or just plan on having 2 quiches if you get the regular frozen pie shells.

In large skillet , saute broccoli, onion, mushrooms and peppers in butter until tender. Stir in spinach. Spoon into pie crust; sprinkle with cheese. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, milk and salt; pour over cheese. Bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes, or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean. Let stand 10 min. before cutting. (It took less time for my oven... so keep an eye on it!)

Yes, now I see the editors note at the bottom! Ha! Wish I had seen that before. It does say that it will fill 2 frozen deep-dish pie shells! Oh well... Mine were just regular and not deep dish... one did kind of have an accident in my oven and exploded over, but I think that's cause the pie shell was broken and obviously my oven is leaning to one side!

This is also really good cold the next day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cleaning out my closet

Cleaning out my closet... oh my how I loved that song! Bobby burst out singing it earlier and I haven't been able to get it out of my head! Haha... If you're not an Eminem fan... just disregard that. You either love him or you hate him... Anyway... So yeah, that's what we did today. Well... we're still in the process of it actually! I have the hugest mess you can possibly imagine! I don't even know where we are going to sleep because the bed is so full! I told him I would love some extra shelves in there, because I have sooo many purses and no where to put them. Among other things like belts, hats and keepsakes, that you know... where do you put them?... you just stick them in the closet! So even though we don't have the money to go buy the wood to build shelves, he did it anyway. He told me it would only be about $12 or so, so I told him, "why not... go ahead." I think he might have spent a little more because there is a lot of wood sitting in my living room right now! Luckily I found $33 dollars in a purse that I cleaned out. So, whew! that will cover it! I am such a pack rat! A very sentimental pack rat! I save receipts from certain memorable times in my life. I save all sorts of memorabilia. It made me kind of sad though. I thought that when he was busy building the shelves, I would clean out purses. I found the purse that I had when Bobby and I got married. It had two champagne corks and the piece of candy that they left on our pillow at the bed and breakfast we stayed in on our honeymoon. Yeah, I know, gross... old chocolate candy! But I couldn't just throw it away!!! I found this one pink Louis Vuitton purse (that I borrowed from my friend Cristi... and never gave back :) that I had been carrying in '04. It had a note my mother had written me, right after my grandmother passed away, the lawyers business card that my ex husband and I used for our divorce, an obgyn appointment paper that I had when I was having such trouble and found out I had endometriosis, a silly little instruction booklet that I had to a toy I bought, and had taken to the bar where I worked... It was this little pet like thing that was in a water bubble... you would press the buttons to pet him or feed him, and he would jump around, dance and make such cute noises! I remember taking him to work with me 'cause I would get so lonely! Lol! I also found a key chain that had my ex husbands initials engraved on it. He gave that to me when we were dating and I had carried it for many years! I had totally forgotten about it. Man! that one purse was full of SO many memories! I just sat in the floor and cried! That purse had been carried at a really bad time in my life. I just put all of the stuff back in it and decided maybe I won't clean out any more purses tonight! Dinner's almost ready anyway. Irish Beef Stew, a late celebration of St. Patricks Day.

I just went in the bedroom to check on Bobby, and he has taken everything out of the closet! EVERYTHING! Even down to the rods that the clothes were hanging on. It is all sitting on my bed! He's sawing sheetrock....Oh lord... so he can find a stud! Have mercy on us all! I have a feeling I'm going to be up all night!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pine cone bird feeders

A couple of weeks ago when we went fishing at Oak Mountain... Bobby found some really big pine cones and loaded them up in the van, thinking we would find some use for them. Well, he came up with the idea to make peanut butter pine cone birdfeeders. I remember doing this when I was in elementary school and we hung it outside of our classroom window. Well, yesterday was the perfect day to do it! It was so beautiful outside! I'm sure no one needs a tutorial on how to make these, but I'll give you the step by step run down anyway...

First make sure you have: Pine cones, peanut butter, birdseed (we used sunflower seed), spatulas or good child safe spreaders and a big ole smile on your face!Spread the peanut butter all over your pine cone... glopping on the peanut butter will work just fine!
We used our little red wagon to put all of the bird seed in, and just rolled the pine cones around in it!
After a lot of laughing, giggling, throwing of birdseed in the yard, and licking of the peanut butter... there you have it... Viola! a pine cone bird feeder!

Watch out it can be VERY VERY MESSY!

I was pretty disappointed when the birds didn't come and gobble it all up, maybe they will today. I haven't been out there to check on them today, but I have a feeling the squirrels will be enjoying them too!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little "I love you" can go a long way...

The other day, Tad was very grumpy... he's grumpy quite often, but I am so glad when Lexie is here and she will go in there to play with him. Sometimes I think it just gets to be a bit much for her, but usually she doesn't mind at all since he has a tv in his room and she can watch some of her shows while she's in there with him. Well... I've been considering STRONGLY having our cable turned off. I told her this, and let her know that while she is in there playing with him to just leave his baby movie on, because she needs to get used to not watching tv. I don't have a problem with PBS, but the rest of the crap that comes on television we can most certainly live without! Anyway, I could go on a total rant about my views on television and how it is just straight from Satan himself but, that was not the point of this blog post. (I'll save that for another day :) Ok, well... I had asked her several times to go in there with Tad so that I wouldn't have to hear him scream, told her to take her book in there and just keep him company. Bless her heart she didn't complain at all. She had been in there with him for the majority of the day and she finally comes out asking me if she can go play in her room for a while. My first initial response was "Oh Please go back in there" "Ok" she said again without complaining.... "What did you want to do in your room?" ...considering she NEVER EVER plays in her room. She doesn't really play that much anymore... She said, "To play with my Littlest Pet Shop for a while" Then I felt sooo bad and of course said ok... go play. She shoots out of the living room so fast you wouldn't believe it! Then I had one of those Mom moments where you realize that your kids are totally awesome... you know all of those times you think on all of the negative things about them and wish they would be like you "really" want them to be... Well I realized this about Lexie in this brief fleeting moment from the time she went from the living room to the hallway. I take for granted sometimes how truly good of a kid she really is. I screamed out "Lexie!" ... "Ma'am?" she calls from the hallway "Lexie!!!" ... "Ma'am" she says as she is coming back into the living room, undoubtedly thinking she is in trouble for something... "I love you" I say... Boy oh boy did she light up! You have no IDEA the difference in this child at this moment! (Please don't think that I don't tell my child I love her on a regular basis.... believe me I do) But at this moment when I said those 3 little words she instantly smiled and said "Oh, Mom... is there anything I can get you?... do you need some more green tea? Would you like anything at all? Just let me know if there is anything... anything! I love you!" Wow! that was nice. I let her know that I was good but I would call her if I needed her... she went on and on telling me that I would know where she was and, to be SURE and call her when I needed something.... About 2 minutes later she comes back into the living room and pulls off my socks. She had lotion in her hands and proceeded to give me a wonderful footrub!!! Nice huh? She was a total angel for the rest of the night! Bless her sweet heart...

So yeah, sometimes just saying those three little words to someone... at that right moment, can really mean the world to someone and make their day...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wabi Sabi baby!

Wabi-sabi (?) represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience. The phrase comes from the two words wabi and sabi. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete"

Wabi Sabi... not to be confused with wasabi (that really hot green stuff at sushi restaurants)

Ok, so it is basically finding beauty in the imperfect. (That's my simple definition) I was reading an article this morning in Womans Day Magazine on wabi sabi and I had a small little light bulb moment on the toilet. Sometimes, that's just where you have your best ones... you know?...Anyway, moving on... I recently turned 30 and have not been too happy about it. I cried for weeks I tell ya! Weeks! I didn't want to leave my 20's. I kept thinking once I hit 30 I would officially be an adult! A real grown up... you know? Why that really bothered me I'm not sure. I pretty much became an adult at 17 when I got married. (In the responsibility sense of it... CERTAINLY not mentally) So you'd have thought it wouldn't have bothered me so badly. Yes, I know... "30 is the new 20" "Women are more sure of themselves in their 30's" "A woman's sex drive is on fire in her 30's" "The people on Friends were in their 30's" Oh phoey! whatever! Yeah, it still bugged me... still is bugging me. I hate when I look in the mirror and see those lines forming on my face that just won't go away anymore. Things changing and moving on my body. My butt is starting to sag. I have a flat butt! How in the world can it sag? But yes, oh yes... somehow it happened! We won't even go into the boobs! (That has a lot to do with breastfeeding 2 kids though) So yeah, I've decided that I'm going to try.... TRY is the key word here mind you. Try to start looking at myself with a Wabi Sabi perspective. Finding beauty in my imperfections! Not just on the outside either! Boy it's going to be hard, but I can do it...

I'm also going to look around my house, and my life and think of things in this Wabi Sabi way.

Sure my house is small, but it's cozy.

I don't live in a great neighborhood, but I'm close to every grocery store, drug store and fastfood chain imaginable! (within 5 minutes!) and I have several really nice neighbors!

My yard looks like crap right now, but the daffodils are blooming!

Every wall and piece of trim in my house needs repainting, but that just gives it character! (yeah right)

My van wants to die out on me every time I stop at a red light or stop sign and the left rear tire keeps losing air, but I can appreciate the fact that it still gets me where I need to go!

My dog keeps using the bathroom in the floor, but I can appreciate the fact that he is sweet, lovable and great with both of the kids!

The carpet is stained, but... I love that dang dog...

My husband has been unemployed for over two months now, but I can appreciate the fact that we have gotten to spend LOTS of quality time together and he will hopefully get some things done around here that need to be done :) Appreciate that we still have our house, our utilities are still on (for now anyway) and that we were approved for food stamps and we won't have to worry about groceries! Praise God!

I may have worry lines on my face, some laugh lines too... :) I might not be able to fit into the jeans that I wore when I was 23, my body is lumpy and bumpy in places that I would rather them be smooth, but I'm still beautiful! At least I know my kids think I am, and that's pretty special...

So remember! Just tell yourself, as I will tell myself "I can do it! 'cause I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me..." (little quote from Daily Affirmations by Stuart Smalley for ya, in case you thought I was going a little overboard there) haha

Wabi Sabi baby!

Friday, March 12, 2010

here I am again with nothing to say...

Well... As you have probably noticed, I haven't really been blogging that much lately. I have pondered and pondered on what to blog about! You guys have no idea how this has been stumping me! I think about posting a blog and then I know all I'm gonna do is talk about how Bobby doesn't have a job and how broke we are. TWO MONTHS AND NO FRIGGIN JOB!!! So yeah, it would be a lot of complaining and I figured that would just turn you guys off anyway. I've thought about changing this blog to a different style of blog.... I was looking online the other day and found several fabulous blogs about middle aged females and their sex lives! (yes, yes I know! ...gasp, gasp!!! but seriously guys they were pretty interesting... ) So yeah I thought about doing something like that, then I laughed hysterically! Probably not the best idea... I really doubt the hubby would approve of me giving out the intimate details of our personal life! Plus I wouldn't want to scare off the followers that I currently have (I love u guys! ) I've thought of all sorts of ideas... that one was my best idea, but yeah not gonna happen unless I go under an anonymous name and totally different blog! LOL! Oh goodness... anyways... So yeah, sorry guys for not posting more. I'm just at a total loss here. I know that all I have to say is pretty sad, so until things get better, or I just get inspired...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jobless... broke and some Vampire Wars

Stupid people and stupidity always really get to me you know... ok well, lets move on from that topic and let me tell you alittle about what's been going on! Bobby lost his job last Tuesday! My dryer broke, but thankfully $38 and some change later it's fixed! Of course $38 that we REALLY did not need to spend! We have been eating Ramen noodles for the last week and one night consisted of saltines and mayonaise... but I'll be danged if I have to go with out a dryer. I have a small clothes line in my laundry room that I had to hang my clothes on. Let me just tell you that socks dried on a clothes line are just scratchy and stiff... and it sucks! (sorry) Anyway... Bobby was going to take a truck load of stuff to the dump yesterday... and guess what... he comes home 5 minutes later... I'm like what in the world, "what's wrong?" Yeah well... his brakes decided to go out! How freakin' great is that... The mortgage company keeps sending us letters about foreclosure and I am just totally freaking out!!!

Sorry guys, just thought I would share all of the crap that has been going on in my life... Thank the Lord for Facebook and their games... it has kept me sane for the past week or so! I am horribly addicted to Farmville and Vampire Wars... isn't that sad? I know it is... but you know... when I sit here and play them... I don't think about all of the other things that are going on in my life... I guess it just helps me deal and not have the nervous breakdown that I am so close to having!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Being a parent... advice welcome!

You know I was thinking last night... and maybe some of you other moms can help me out with this one. Do you ever feel like you spend more time fussing at your children or correcting them all the time that they are going to start resenting you... or they won't love you as much? Maybe I just feel more that way because my daughter is here only half of the time? I always have these good intentions of spending some good 'ole quality time together, but it seems like I am constantly having to correct her, ground her, yell at her... So I feel like I spend more time being upset than I do being that "loving mom" that I want to be. Also, I have a tendency to let her get away with a lot because of the fact that she's here only half of the week and I want her to want to come back! Does that make sense? I don't know why she always has such an attitude with me... She's only 9 for goodness sake! Isn't that supposed to come later... like early teens!!! I don't know, maybe I've just screwed up somewhere along the line, or maybe I should blame it on Hannah Montana... hmmm... yeah, that's it... I would absolutely love to pull all of the tv's out of my house, but I doubt it would do any good. She's going to watch it when she's not here, so yeah, that's just another thing that would make me the bad guy... I don't know. Anyway, if anyone has any great parenting advice for me I'd love to hear it.
Here's a picture of her new hair cut... I think it's so cute... Of course though she thinks she knows exactly how she is supposed to fix it, how to blow dry it... style it. All without any of my advice, because of course Mom has NO idea how to fix it! Grrrr..... Yes, yes she just knows it all, my sweet little smarty pants!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'll be back... I promise...

I'm sorry I've kind of disappeared out of the blog world here lately.... I will be back soon I promise! Thanks Jennifer and Cindy for wondering about me! Did my heart good to see your comments tonight! I've been thinking about all you guys, and feel bad for not keeping up with everyone's blogs like I used to :(

I'll be back soon! Hopefully I'll get some sort of update blog put up this week. It's a new year and I hope to do better on my blog postings... I have seriously been slacking the past few months!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope all you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, November 27, 2009

My first Black Friday

Ok... so I started out the day without hardly any sleep... This was my first real Black Friday and I guess I was just too excited to sleep! Mom says I went to Walmart with her YEARS ago, but I have no recollection of it whatsoever! Anyway... got up at 4 and headed out to Target, and oh, my goodness was there a line outside! I thought for sure we would be one of the first 250 to get the free tote bag, but nope! We just missed it. It was freezing outside!!! Mom and I stood there in line at 4:45 huddled up together waiting in line to get my Bissell Steam Mop for $49! Yes I was very excited, it being half off and all! Apparently everyone was in line for the tv's so my mad dash to the vacuum cleaner section was pretty much a big waste of energy! I'm telling you, I have been wanting one of those steam mops for so long, and doubting that I would ever be able to justify spending the $100 that they cost, so when I saw they were on sale... yeah, well.... I had to be there at opening, cause I just figured that everyone else in the local area was heading there to get my mop! Got it... headed to KMart, because I "thought" they were supposed to have kids pj's for 3.99. Yeah, I was wrong, so that was a waste of time... It was actually Wal-Mart that had them for $3. Went to the mall because Sears was supposed to have contact lenses for 1/2 price... Got there and found out you HAVE TO BUY 4 BOXES, then you get 4 free. Yeah, the total was going to be over $170!!! So, yeah... forget that! Headed to Belk because they had some really cute boots for $19, and OF COURSE they were out and it wasn't even 7 am yet!!! At this point we were starting to get pretty tired and decided to head back towards home. We thought we would stop off at Ross in McCalla and yeah, they didn't open until 9:30! Who does that on Black Friday!!! Ok, whatever... so then we went to Walmart and OF COURSE they were out of the right size pj's! Well, I got some Iron Bowl game food... wings, cheese sticks... you know.(Roll Tide baby!!!) Then we headed on home. Oh, and my Bissell Steam mop, I guess the heat from it was just too much for my floor because the floor tile started peeling up! Great... just great! Guess I'm going to keep some super glue handy for whenever I use it!

I guess all in all we had fun, but if it weren't for Mom, I would never, ever want to do it again. There were WAY too many people (rude people) and it was just way too early! At least we made us a good memory and who knows... maybe we'll do it again next year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Story

Well, this time 4 years ago I was getting ready to marry my wonderful husband. Our anniversary is tomorrow. We planned the wedding in about two weeks and dated for only about two weeks. Crazy huh? Who'd have thought... I knew him already from being a customer where I used to bartend. Yeah, we met in a bar... Crazy too, I know... We started dating about a week before Halloween 2005, had a few dates that first week. Then he took me to Gatlinburg the next weekend and that's where we fell in love. One of his
friends had been joking about us getting married
in one of those chapels up there, and it kind of became a joke when we would pass by one. Well, once we got home, he heard me on the phone laughing about it to one of my friends. He asked me later, "Well... what's so funny about marrying me." I said "Well, ...nothing" and we pretty much said "Lets do it!" Yeah, real romantic proposal! I'm still waiting for a proper one... :) Maybe one day... (sigh)... Anyway, we started planning the wedding. We decided to get married in a little chapel in Mentone, Alabama... called... yep, The Mentone Wedding Chapel.

Isn't it just the cutest little place! I bought a dress... he bought a suit, and we had the most perfect wedding you could ever imagine. Just the two of us. He actually walked me down the aisle because I thought I might faint or something. It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life when I walked inside the chapel and saw him standing there waiting on me. He looked me in the eyes the whole time during his vows, an
d I could see the sincerity and the love in his eyes. We played "God Blessed the Broken Road" by Rascall Flatts while we lit the unity candle. I'm just getting all teary eyed thinking about it. When we left, it was just beginning to snow outside. It was so beautiful, and such a wonderful day. I wish I could go back and do it again, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Here we are walking down the aisle... you can see that nervous smile on my face...
Happy Anniversary Bobby! I love you more than you'll ever know!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hubby got layed off... again

Well, it's been a whole week since Bobby lost his job... I'm starting to get nervous again. Union jobs really offer better benefits and the pay is better, but the laying off part really stinks! Keep us in your prayers please...

Here are a few pictures from Halloween... I'll write more about it later maybe, I just don't even really feel like blogging right now. :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin seeds

I'm so exhausted... going on maybe 2 1/2 hours of sleep. For some reason I can't seem to sleep well here lately. Anyway, the house is a total disaster and I have no idea why in the world I am sitting here blogging about basically nothing. I do have pumpkin seeds in the oven though. Hopefully they will turn out good. I've always just thrown out my pumpkin seeds after carving a pumpkin (which Lexie and Bobby did last night... I sat here and watched.) So this time, I decided since pumpkin seeds are supposed to be healthy... I'd try my hand at roasting some... or toasting... whatever you want to call it.

Ok, just taste tested a few, and they're pretty good. I boiled them in salty water first before putting them in the oven. They aren't quite as crunchy as I would like, so I'll keep them in there alittle longer... Hopefully I won't burn them! If they turn out really great I'll be sure to post the really simple recipe for you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Note to self... make sure new leggings are NOT see through!

Ok, so if you remember from my previous post. I was loving my new leggings. I felt good, had on some jewelry, my hair looked good, make-up just right... getting ready for my trip to Walmart. (Yeah, sad... I know) Anyway, the trip got delayed several hours, because of a baby puke accident in the van where I had to remove the car seat, wash the cover, wait for it to dry... Ok, back to the story... I finally make it to the store, and in the bright lights of Walmart I realize my leggings are sort of see through! Oh goodness! My shirt was long, but not quite long enough to cover my bum when I bent over. So, I just kept telling myself "Don't bend over." Well, sometimes that's not so easy when you're grocery shopping. Confidence I kept telling myself... just be confident. Pretend you meant to wear see through pants to Walmart... Yeah and well, the bending over thing was sooo not as easy as I thought it would be! Especially when you have to stick things in the bottom of the buggy... like bottled water, or when you have to load things in the car... So yeah, needless to say I was pretty embarrassed! I'm not quite ready to give up on the leggings yet, but I know I will make sure I have a MUCH longer shirt on or I will be more careful next time and buy ones that aren't see through!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I swore I'd never wear leggings again...

So, how do you feel about leggings? Apparently they have made a comeback... I remember wearing these in the early '90's. Oh, my goodness! I saw these were back and about had a fit. I swore I would never ever wear leggings again... much less the kind with lace at the bottom! And would definitely not wear a big huge wide belt... they also seem to be back as well. I remember my mom always wore those big wide elastic belts with the pretty buckles... like a butterfly or something like that. I even used to pull them out of her belt drawer and wear them sometimes... I thought they were so cool. But now! "Nope not me" I've been saying... So guess what i'm wearing right now?... Yep, leggings... (gasp) I know, I know... I just couldn't help myself the other day. I found this super cute top, it was long and had a big wide belt... LOL! and I fell in love with it! I didnt buy it, but after thinking about it for about a week, went back to get it. Of course they didn't have it anymore... Well, they did, but the belt was missing. So what did I do? I bought 2 pair of leggings. One pair with lace at the bottom!!! I bought two long tops and WOW are they comfortable! It's like you're not even wearing pants! I think I'm addicted now! And I even think I look pretty darn cute!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our weekend with the crud

The kids and I had the crud this weekend. I honestly thought we were getting the swine flu because the symptoms were the same, but thankfully it wasn't. No high fevers and we all seem better. Bobby of course started getting it last night. I half way expect him to come home early from work today... I don't know how he'll be able to stand it staying, because this stuff is just yucky! We missed church, which is terrible because I'm really trying to get back into the habit of going again! We also managed to get all of the Halloween/Fall decorations out of the attic. (mainly because of Lexie's begging and pleading ALL DAY long) I dreaded it so bad, but once we got it all out I pepped up, because I had new stuff I bought on clearance at Target last year. It was like opening up new presents! I just love Halloween decorations! You'd think after all these years of Halloween Target clearance shopping I'd have enough decorations by now, but I don't think I'll ever have enough! Also what's really bad is that I can't put any of them in the living room (now Tad's playroom!) I usually would put my pretty pumpkins and candles on the coffee table, but we had to take the coffee table out. He kept climbing on it and jumping off! I have now almost removed all furniture from the living room... Next will probably have to be the couches! He climbs up and stands on the back of them and sometimes he jumps off them as well... I'm so scared he's going to get hurt. So yeah, no decorations in there... :( it makes me sad... so sad...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

monkeys, dogs... and pics of my new hair cut!

Lets start out with a picture from our night at the Alabama State Fair. Here is Lexie holding Bobo the monkey... How cute! This was the smartest little monkey! They were selling photo's of the monkey for a dollar and he would take the money from the people... go put it in the money bucket and then take the picture back to them! I was so impressed! I could so use one of those little guys around here... Just think of all the housework he could help me with! (as long as he wasn't flinging poo... which I've heard they have been known to do!) They also had him and another monkey riding dogs! Yes, riding dogs! It was called the Banana Derby! That was the best part of the fair in my opinion. Who wouldn't love to see a monkey riding a dog?!

Ok, so... Tad and I are not being the most photogenic in these photos. I take terrible pictures most of the time, but these are the best ones I've got of me with the new hair cut. I think I'm going to go shorter next time.... I like it this way, but since I rarely get out to get my hair done, I'm figuring that if I get it shorter, it will take longer to grow out... thus solving that problem, and the problem of the dreaded flip that I keep getting when I wake up in the morning! Maybe, if it's shorter... it won't flip?

And finally... I will leave you with a video of the monkeys riding dogs! (sorry I couldn't seem to get it centered on the page) You can hear me and Lexie cheering on Bobo!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm going shopping!!!

I'm so excited... I'm going shopping today! It's been forever, and I mean seriously forever since I've been out actually shopping! (other than Walmart, Publix or the Thrift Store) We're going to the mall! My friend Jasmin and I have planned a day out at Starbucks this morning, some shopping and then lunch! I've been so excited since we planned this yesterday and of course I wanted Tad to get a good night's rest so he'd be in a "happy" mood today. He's never really happy when we go out somewhere... So of course he wouldn't go to sleep until after midnight last night for some reason, and then decided to wake up at 4am crying and wouldn't go back to sleep. He is now resting peacfully on the living room floor! I have a feeling he's not going to be in a "happy" mood today! Wish me luck...


All went well... he was fussy at times, especially while in the dressing rooms. But all in all he did ok considering not having much sleep! I had a great time and bought a new bra... The bra I have been wearing, I bought about 7 or 8 years ago... so yeah it was time! Actually, after I picked Lexie up from school.. I was really brave, and went back out shopping! Bought new jeans and a shirt at Ross. I love that store!!! I also got a new hairdryer to hopefully help me style my new hair do a little better... It's not going to be as easy to manage as I thought. I guess shorter is not always easier! The back keeps flipping up no matter how many times I flat iron it! I'm thinking about getting it all chopped off now!