Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sick baby

Do they make a sippie cup that you can put Coke in without it going everywhere? If they do, I'd sure like to know what kind it is. Please don't think I'm a bad mother for giving my baby Coke, but he is sick, Mom says milk makes the mucus worse and someone told me that Coke will help it. Well, I now have Coke all over the floor. Yes, it did keep my crying, miserable little baby occupied for a while, drawing all over my wood floor with it, but now it is very, very sticky. I've tried two different cups, one regular, and it literally just poured everywhere and one with a straw. It just kept fizzing up the straw, at least he thought that was pretty fun. It's been such a bad day. I have baby snot all over my face, my clothes and yes... my hair. I can't even run my fingers through it! I know that's disgusting, but I can't get away from him long enough to take a shower. Not only is he sick with a gosh aweful cold, but he is cutting a molar and his little gum is so swolen, I don't see how he can stand it. He seems so miserable. He barely slept last night, I didn't get much either, of course. He just keeps biting me and banging his head into me. I'm doing Tylenol and Orajel, gave him a popsicle, baby vapor rub, and I don't know much else to do. Bobby's working late tonight, but hopefully he'll give me a break when he gets home so I can wash all this snot off of me... Gotta go, he's crying again...


Anonymous said...

What you are going through is all a part of life, right now, it doesn't seem like a good part but later on down the road when you look back, you will see the lessons learned and even see the good and funny parts of what (now) seems to be a very hectic and awful time. Life is filled with lessons that we are to learn from. Later, when he is grown, all of the memories will blend into a beautiful time of his growing up and you growing with him. Don't know about sippy cup thingys, in my day there were only glass baby bottles and rubber nipples. But know it will be better; the cold will go away and the tooth will pop through and the snot will dry up until another time and you have rested and prepared for yet another day (in life) with growing children and that's just the way it is in life.
Love Jan

Cindy said...

I can't tell you anything about the sippie cup either. I'm sorry the little one is sick. I hope he's feeling better soon and you can get some rest. Take care.