Thursday, April 2, 2009

Always listen to your mother

If you remember from my post several days ago "Feather Fiasco" I never sewed up the left over part of the feather bed. I had it tied, obviously not too well, with a ribbon. Well, my sweet hubby, while looking for a pair of pliers, that he swore I had, went looking for them and got feathers everywhere. I know he will absolutely deny this, but he did it. Yes, mom, I should have listened to you. Lesson learned. Always listen to your mother, she usually always knows best. I should have sewed the darn thing up. So I have been trying to clean up feathers today. They don't sweep up very well. I don't know if you've ever tried sweeping up a bunch of feathers, but I will tell you, it is not an easy task. They just go everywhere. Fly up in the air and get in your nose. It has not been fun. I will probably never get them up and will find them in various corners of the house, I just know it! I have been trying to get the house clean today and not get distracted by my polymer clay, but it is calling to me... "Make something, make something, you can clean later." It would be so much more fun than doing the dishes and the laundry and cleaning up dog puke, ( I knew better than to give him a hot dog weenie.) I have been good, but the house is still a mess, and what am I doing now... sitting here blogging. I have to take a break every now and again, right?... Well... back to my cleaning.


susan said...

Yes listening to your mother is always a good idea. I have some more advice if you want to hear it. Ha Ha I told you so. Love ya, Mom

Cindy said...

Hi Courtney, I posted the instructions for the pincushion in my comment section. If you have any trouble understanding what I wrote let me know. I tried to make them clear. If you have any questions let me know. Have fun.