Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crafting disaster

Today Mom and I decided to have a craft day. We managed to make only a few things before disaster struck. We used her Convection oven/Toaster oven to bake the clay. We have never done this before... always used her regular oven. Well... It must have gotten too hot. I started smelling something burning. When Mom got up to check on it (it had only been in there 3 minutes, it's supposed to bake for about 15 min.) it was smoking. Lots and Lots of smoke!!! If it had gone any longer, we would have had a fire. Both of our little creations were ruined...

This was a fairy that she had worked on for a very long time.... it WAS very cute...

This was my blue bird. Yes, it was blue. A very pretty shade of blue. Now
it's just black and lumpy where it bubbled up. I'm not sure why this happened, but we will never use this oven again for polymer clay!!!
Very disappointing. I did however make a tiny mushroom, that didn't turn out all that cute and another cupcake pin. I'll post the pics later.


Cindy said...

Sorry to read about your crafting disaster. The fairy and bird would have been adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney!

Thanks for following my blog. It looks like you have a nice blog here too.

Your mom's fairy and your bird were still pretty even though they were destroyed!

And I am sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage. My sister had one recently and it was difficult.

Maybe I'll learn some crafting tips from you in the blogosphere.

Have a great day,

Jasmin said...

Hey Courtney! I read some of your blogs in between studying/homework. This is fun! So, my little tid bit... Everything, we know all to well, happens for a reason and in the end things are always much better than they were before. God has big plans for you babe! We don't have the map or know the directions to where we are going but with faith and hope we know God is with us and leading us in the right direction. I've missed you so much and I'm so glad to have you back in my life. Can't wait to see you! Love ya!!