Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dinner time conversation

It was so funny last night at dinner. Lexie decided to again try avocado, she thought she didn't like it, but has only had guacamole and thought it was gross. Tad was loving it, so she said she'd take a bite to see.

Lexie: "There isn't much taste!"

Me: "Yeah, that's what Grandmama said when she first started eating it, but now loves it with some salt!"

Lexie: "It just doesn't taste like anything"

Bobby: "Well, you just need a more refined palate"

Lexie: "But, now lettuce, that has plenty of taste!"

Bobby and I: "No, not really"

Lexie: "Well, you just need to get a better pilot."

Me: "A pilot huh?"

Lexie: "Yep, get a better pilot and you'll see, 'cause lettuce has plenty of taste."

Me: (smiling at her cuteness) "I sure do love you, Lexie"

Lexie:(looks up, grins and simply states) "Yeah, everybody does!"


Cindy said...

Good morning. That's a very cute conversation. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Thats my girl. Everybody loves our Lexie.

Anonymous said...

Lexie, what can I say--she is our little princess and everyone loves her, and she has the best pilot ever.
love Jan

cristi said...

That's Lexie all right.