Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little surprises

The other night Bobby brought me in my craft room (also our computer room) and when I walked in, I saw this nice little surprise sitting on the computer desk. I was so excited. It has tons of different templates, projects and fonts on it. Something for me to play with...

While I was looking at it and reading the back, I saw he kept looking over at my craft table, I looked over and... there lay a brand new paper cutter! I had been wanting one sooo bad, because I can not cut a straight line, no matter how hard I try... I just can't seem to do it.

Now that I am so pleased and happy, I'm thanking him, telling him how sweet he is... he scoots over so I can see behind him, and what do you know. A thread organizer, holder thingy. Wow!

We get up to go back to the kitchen, and there sitting on the microwave is a 6-pack of my 5 hour energy!!! (you can see I've already broken into them) Oh, how I love these things!

Yeah, so it was a pretty exciting night. He's always so good about little surprises like that. He knows me so well, and I am totally freaking out now because his birthday is day after tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea what to get him! He said to "surprise" him. I don't know what to surprise him with! I know he needs new underwear, but that doesn't seem like a good gift. Man, I am such a terrible gift giver. He knows it too, which is why I told him to just tell me what he wants, so he won't end up with a bad gift. Nope... he wants to be surprised.

Anyway, I thought I would leave you with these lovely muddy photographs of Lexie. She and her little friend across the street decided to play in a HUGE mud puddle the other night. Right before dinner time. I told her to wash off with the hose pipe before coming in. Bad idea... unsupervised 8 year olds with a hose pipe! I'm sure you can imagine.
(The mud seemed much worse than it looks in these pictures)


Maggie Elizabeth said...

Oh your husband is so so sweet! I have a great husband but I want a surprise. lol I always enjoy reading your blog!
I hope you are having a great week!

Blue Creek Home said...

I think your husband gets the "most thoughtful" award! He does know you. With a husband like that, who needs more than concrete steps at the front door! Thanks for your sweet comment. Rhonda

Jim said...

Bobby did good. I've got an idea what to get him for his birthday. I'm a guy, so trust me. All you need is plastic cling wrap, chocolate syrup, bottle of wine, babysitter . . . and just a little bit of imagination.

Cindy said...
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Jennifer and Jason Slye said...

Awwww, I want a suprise!!! He didn't even have an occasion!! What a sweetheart! I have a great husband but he is totally clueless in the romance department. Hold on to this one!!

Cindy said...

Wow! What a sweet husband you have. You received some nice gifts. Surprises are great.

I got stuck in the mud the other day. See earlier post.


Nina said...

What a great husband.

Jamie said...

Hey Courtney,

I nominated you for a blog award. Go to my blog to check it out!