Monday, June 1, 2009

My new little crafting companion

No, I did not make this slug out of clay... he is REAL, and WAS IN MY HOUSE!!! I really hate to admit that, but really it was just too funny not to share... I found this little guy crawling all over a fuzzy scarf here in my craft room. I told Bobby, maybe he just liked the feel of the fuzzy material on his belly... who knows... Not sure exactly where he came from, but after his little exploration, we quickly escorted him back outside. I don't think I'll be walking around barefooted for a while!

Another funny story that I tried to take a picture of but my camera just wouldn't work well in the dark, was Bobby last night, after helping his brother move again, trying to unload the riding lawnmower we're going to store for him. ( I hope he know's I have no intention of giving it back :) He didn't have a ramp so he made one out of a filing cabinet, two boards and a mattress at the bottom in case the boards broke! It was just too funny! Boy did I feel like a redneck! If anyone saw us last night, they were probably laughing, because I'm sure it was quite a site to see... and me running around the mattress freaking out, trying to keep the boards on top of the filing cabinet and Bobby yelling "Get out of the way Baby!" Yes, I wish I could have taken a picture...


Cindy said...

I'm glad you re-located it. The lawn mower thing sounds like something my family would have tried too.

How is your cabinet makeover going?

Have a great day,

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